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Taking initiatives, a strong customer focus and being well informed about our environment


When working together trust is the most important thing for me, people need to know that I will give advice and insights for their benefits. Providing this trust gives both sides the advantage to speak freely and to point out the weak spots to improve them.


In a fast moving world you need to take action, only from those actions progress will be made. If you have an open and honest communication, getting on the same wavelength will speed things up.


Small mistakes happen so often, but when you get something just right it gives you that rush. That’s the feeling Black Buster wants to provide you.

Community Management

It’s not easy to get in the spotlight these days, that’s why it’s really important to get your content spot on but more important, think about the context you want to send your message in. Manage your community in the appropriate way and tell your story in a way that is relevant for your audience. Listen to them and adjust your way of communicating.

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Wouter Lierman - Oh Snap Grfx

“Black Buster knows how to wake up the world with mind blowing ideas, blinding visuals and loud noises… He’s always two steps ahead and the first to protect the creative nest of his co-workers and clients.”

Cas Moor

“Robbe really focusses on the collaboration, he understands that listening and communicating in an honest way improves the project.”

Kaori Boel - Lou'

“Beyond the ordinary!”

Mattias Van Cauwenberghe - MagicT

“Your magical ICTeam co-operates ideal with good strategy and branding”

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Our mission is to find black holes in marketing strategies and help exterminate them in a constructive way. As a company with a generation Y entrepreneurial vision, Black Buster takes initiatives, has a strong customer focus and is well informed about its environment.

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